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Coach Board helps you create tactics, animated drills and training sessions. Tired of losing your notes? Now, you can plan your exercises and share them with your teammates in one place.

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drills, tactics, training sessionsmulti-sports, playback drills and tactics
squads visualsteams, share tactics with your teammatesnotifications
animated drills and tacticsformations and line-upsgroups players into squads
Tactics & Drills
Simply drag and drop players to record animated drills. Combine moves then playback whenever needed.
Invite your teammates and share tactics instantly. Alternatively, you can export tactics as videos or snapshots.
Group players into squads then make them part of any drill and tactic.
Formations & Line-ups
Create your own formations and team lineups.
Custom shapes, player photos, colours, labels and sizes.
We support three sports: Football (soccer), Basketball and Handball, many more to come.